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Thank God you made it to our website here's what you need to do

Nah we're messing. You don't need to do anything. Browse, look at pics of us, take your time. 

We are 'Britney', a sweet sketch duo made up of Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson.

Our Pilot! Also called Britney!

We have been hard at work on our TV Pilot, which is currently watchable on BBC iPlayer! Get over there and have a look and tell us what you think* People have already been saying nice things about it, including in the i Newspaper, the Observer, the Telegraph, the Times, the Radio Times, and more! Which is actually chuffing bonkers.

*so long as what you think is: 'wow, I love those girls and that's a perfect twenty minutes of television I'm desperate for more godDAMN it I'll fund it if I need to!' 

Live News!

This news is live news. We're super excited to be performing our show 'An Audience with Britney' at the VAULT Festival in 2022. Which dates specifically? The 9th and 10th of course ;) 

Ticket link here:

(Suspiciously) But who are you guys...? 

Where the heck have these stunning teens sprung from? We brought our first show, Britney, to the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe and 2017 VAULT Festival, where it was recommended by The Guardian, London Evening Standard and Time Out. Britney then went to the Battersea Arts Centre for two sell-out runs, and in April 2019 we sold out at the Soho motherf***ing Theatre baby which was so nice honestly. It was really a good time. 

Our second show was called John, and wasn't as successful. It was about a (very) failed attempt to make a documentary while we Greyhound-Bussed around America as naive teens. We've only done that in Edinburgh in 2017, but we'd like to take it across the pond so let us know if you know any wealthy and foolhardy New York theatre-owners. Sort of joking but also our DMs are wide open. We like it. 

We have been writing together since we were approx 14 years old, and this year (the year of our Lord 2021) we've made our first TV (ooOOoh) with Drama Republic, and we're planning to make more, with Working Title, Baby Cow, and maybe a couple of other secretive places too... Don't ask us. We can't tell you. Get us drunk. 

We are both represented by Kitty Laing and Charlotte Davies at United, so please get in touch with them if you so wish, or through the contact form on our site, or on Twitter or old-fashioned msn for god's sake we love a chat. 

Our first two shows were directed by the wickedly talented Emily Burns, who is too busy and important for us now but who we are forever indebted to. 

Want more? Here you can see us as part of Charlie Perkins' amazing 'Paddock', live comedy filmed for Channel 4!

Ellen Robertson theatre comedy britney



Charly played the lead role of Marnie in Channel 4’s “must-see” 6 x 45’ comedy-drama series Pure, giving what Digital Spy describe as a “star-making performance”. She is a Graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The girl's a superstar. She's presented BAFTAs for God's sake! She's just made a movie called 'All My Friends Hate Me' which is out next year.  

Ellen Robertson theatre comedy britney



Ellen can be seen popping up in some wonderful telly, like 'The Pale Horse', 'In My Skin' and 'Pls Like', all for the BBC. She starred in Mike Bartlett's 'Snowflake' at the Old Fire Station in Oxford and then in its transfer to the Kiln Theatre in London. She's currently writing a play about art and borders (or she will be the second she finishes this bio). The girl is - can't stress this enough - obsessed with football. 

Alex Cartlidge theatre comedy britney producing



Alex studied at the NFTS and has been with the show from the beginning. He runs the monthly charity comedy night Country Mile Comedy Club at the Star of Kings, and has now formed the live production company 'Country Mile Productions' with Kathryn Craigmyle. They just produced Liz Kingsman's sellout hit 'One Woman Show'! He's a very nice boy. Look at that smile. He's trustworthy and kind.

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