Britney is our lovely show that went all over the place and ended up at the Soho Theatre in 2019

Britney is the true story of what happens to two best friends when one of them gets a brain tumour.

It was our debut show, and it was told in the way we rationalised it to each other, with a host of characters including: a stuffed dog and talented impressionist, a laddie anaesthetist, some Hollywood Producers, Rubeus Hagrid, the population of a small Welsh town, the two best friends in question (us) and the all-important star of the show: Britney the brain tumour, not wildly dissimilar to Britney Spears in the breakdown years. Hilarious, poignant and touching, this show is an uplifting reminder that laughter is sometimes the best medicine.* It’s about how often the funniest stuff happens at the worst of times. A show with a lot of heart, and a brain tumour. Britney is a sketch-style cum cabaret cum play cum comedy cum one cum all cum to the show. It’s about how often the funniest stuff happens at the worst of times. A show with a lot of heart, and a brain tumour.

*Ultimately the best medicine is the operation and please, if you have a brain tumour, seek urgent medical attention.

What next?

We aren't performing this show again any time soon, but it's not quite over yet... We're currently developing it into a TV show with the wonderful Drama Republic (who made Pure, Doctor Foster and a bunch of other wonderful things). If you'd like to watch the live version, we do have a film of it somewhere - get in touch.

Praise! We love it we need it:

"The pair reminded me of a modern-day French and Saunders", A Younger Theatre


“I have never been so moved by a Fringe performance before. Britney touched me in ways no comedy show has”, ★★★★★ Edin Blogger

"Taking a wholly unfunny subject and turning it in to a comedy cannot possibly be an easy task, but that’s exactly what Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson have done with Britney. Not only that, they’ve done it incredibly well... Britney is laugh-out-loud funny and told with love", ★★★★★ Theatre Weekly

"Heart-achingly funny... Britney is a laugh out loud celebration of their friendship and love for one another", Funny Women


"I loved Britney. Moving, funny, wonderfully performed and tremendously well written... Honestly brilliant and should have their own TV series", Mike Bartlett, playwright

More praise here.

All credit to Narayan O'Hanlon, Jordan Mitchell and Alex Cartlidge for our publicity, and to Johannes Hjorth, Kate Burns and Ellen Robertson (hehe!) for our photos.