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An Audience with Britney

IMG_6232 (1).jpg

This is our third live hour! 


First, we took quite honestly a mess of a show to VAULT Festival in March 2020, about two minutes before the Global Pandemic descended. Then we didn't think about it for a year and a half because we felt sad.

Then, Soho Theatre asked us if we would like to do a Work-in-Progress of the show in the main house in August 2021 and we were like 'yes please baby desperately' 

Then we panicked! We even called the show 'Yikes!' But it was fine really. And people came and we loved them and they didn't seem to mind us. 

We'll be bringing the show to a theatre near YOU (if you live near Waterloo) in March, because we're back at VAULT Festival!! 9th and 10th of March, 2022. Pop it in your calendar once you've bought your tickets here (please?)  

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