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EdFringeReview: ★★★★ "Original footage of the pair’s seemingly seminal documentary filming is weaved into this wonderfully witty response to Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson’s own humiliation through a series self-deprecating sketches that is at once comforting as it is side-splittingly funny." / "I walked out smiling, having found it both funny and touching... a compelling show."

Squirrel Comedy: "They have an excellent on-stage rapport and there are a lot of laugh out loud moments both on the stage and on the screen. There is a touching final moment which rounds off the show to a satisfying conclusion. Highly recommended. Definitely a couple of comedians to watch out for, as they have heaps of potential."

Fringe Biscuit: "@britneycomedy have mastered a unique style of multi-format storytelling w/ this hysterical failed documentary on the US. 5/5"

Broadway Baby: ★★★★ "What happens on stage is slick, unexpected and laugh-out-loud funny.


The Panoptic: ★★★★★ "John covers all the bases of adolescence we like to pretend didn’t happen, such as constant white lies, ignorance, and arrogance. The show is a truly unique comedy, in that it is difficult to place whether it’s sketch, comic vignettes or stand-up; as the duo master each and all of the genres... Charly and Ellen created a touching, sharp, and constantly funny retelling of a story that makes one of the most unique comedies at the Fringe."

Britney The Show:

Theatre Weekly: ★★★★★ "Taking a wholly unfunny subject and turning it in to a comedy cannot possibly be an easy task, but that’s exactly what Charly Clive and Ellen Robertson have done with Britney. Not only that, they’ve done it incredibly well... Britney is laugh-out-loud funny and told with love. Maybe they’re right, and laughter isn’t the best medicine (medically) but this show will certainly help heal a few broken funny bones."

A Younger Theatre: "The pair reminded me of a modern-day French and Saunders – the chemistry between the two is almost impossible to recreate without an underlying friendship that is clearly very strong. And this is what makes them so enjoyable to watch... What appears externally to sound like a very risky idea, is carried out with incredible levels of wit and genius."

Funny Women: "What Charly and Ellen do so well is break down the facts of their story into bite-size and hilarious chunks, feeding the audience with word-play, genre-specific sketches, insane characters and at times, a gritty and emotional portrayal of what they were going through as individuals."

EdinBlogger: ★★★★★ "Charly and Ellen have amazing chemistry on stage, carefully treading the line between tragedy and comedy and keeping the audience thoroughly entertained for one of the fastest hours of the Fringe... I’m feeling chills as I write this. I have never been so moved by a Fringe performance before. Britney touched me in ways no comedy show has, clichés such as a rollercoaster ride of emotions have never been so apt."

Broadway Baby: ★★★★ "Witty, lively and often heartwarming, Britney is a hilarious and hugely watchable production... it works wonderfully well, managing to be both effortlessly lighthearted and unremittingly funny."

TCS: 9/10 "Britney is a triumph of perfectly pitched comedy, delivered with impeccable skill and timing, yet retaining a relaxed, informal atmosphere."

Breaking the Fourth Wall: ★★★★ "Proof that with the right approach and performers, even the prospect of a terminal illness can be life-affirming in the long-run."

Fringe Biscuit: "Britney. A sharp, high-energy comedy duo, @britneytheshow retells and lampoons a touching true story of fighting a brain tumor. 4/5"

Net Doctor: "What might surprise you, though, is that Britney is a true story based on the experiences of its two-strong cast, but also that it's a laugh-out-loud, truly uplifting comedy."

Mike Bartlett, playwright: "I loved Britney. Moving, funny, wonderfully performed and tremendously well written. If I was on Twitter, I'd tweet about it... They're honestly brilliant and should have their own TV series."

Tony Gardner, actor and writer: "This is a terrific show. Hilarious, clever, poignant and performed by the funniest double act I have seen for years. Highly recommended indeed."


Christopher Haydon, Artistic Director of the Gate Theatre: "I loved Britney - it's a smart, funny piece of comic theatre that handles a sensitive subject with a sure and witty touch. It deserves as wide an audience as possible."


Vivien Graveson: "Brilliantly courageous, achingly funny, profoundly moving. These two actors and comedians need to appear on a much bigger stage. They're very special indeed. Star material!"

Vivien Graveson (again, this time in a letter to the Observer): "The powers-that-be might also like to a take  a look at Britney, the quite brilliant work of playwright Charly Clive and ex-Cambridge Footlighter Ellen Robertson, in which they tell the story of Charly’s experience with brain cancer. I saw it at the Edinburgh fringe last month. It was one of the best things I’ve seen in years. Achingly funny and desperately moving."

Rory from Ireland: "To both Ellen & Charly, thank you for a wonderful show. I have literally been to countless shows at the Fringe, and this was honestly one of the best. The humour was great, the story was moving, and the motive was real."

Jan Morter: "Beautifully written, touchingly acted , heartbreakingly meaningful. Also I laughed a lot."

Ella M: "Such a great show! Original, touching and hilarious - would really recommend."

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